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Why To Support Local Business In Buffalo

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 20, 2016 10:11:12 PM / by Andy Rosevear

Andy Rosevear

If you are a local business, or if you want to support local businesses in your city, choosing a bicycle courier service is a great way to support local business in Buffalo.  According to this article by Forbes, "there are more than 28.2 million businesses operating in the United States as of March 2014, with about 63% of new jobs being created from small businesses between 1993 and mid 2013." By supporting local business you will be touching countless lives and improving your city in many ways. In this article we will make the argument for why to support local business in Buffalo, and tell you how you can do this with a bike courier like Bufvelo!

 Why to Support Local Business in Buffalo

1. Competition and Product Diversity

  • Supporting businesses in your local community in turn drives competition that drives down prices and brings the best products to the market. It is important to shop outside of retail giants and chains, and use your money to send a message about what type of business you want to see grow in your city. Choose to support local business when you can, including going to brick and mortar locations to buy when possible instead of buying online from vendors like Amazon and Zappos.
  • Showing this kind of support makes greater diversity possible, which means that you have more options when you're looking for a certain product or service. When you buy from Walmart online, this narrows your selection over time, because no one else besides Walmart will be able to produce their version of that product.
    • Bufvelo is one of a kind when it comes to delivery options in Buffalo. Were are the only bicycle courier service in Buffalo, and it is important for local businesses and residents to have a variety of delivery solutions available to them to respond to their diverse needs.

2. Maintain Buffalo's Unique Character

  • Supporting local business is a smart choice for those who love their city, and love the way it looks. There is something special about Buffalo's aesthetic, and local shop fronts are an important part of it. When you choose to support local business in Buffalo, you support shop fronts like that of the White Cow Dairy pictured below:

Why to support local business in Buffalo

Visit their website here

  • Think twice before entering a chain store or retail giant, or choosing to shop online. Can you complete this purchase with a local vendor? Buffalo has amazing character in its architecture, history, and local business scene, and it is up to its residents, and business community to foster this unique character.
    • Bufvelo is unique to Buffalo, and supporting small businesses founded and grown in our city will ensure that Buffalo retains its individuality. Choosing a bike courier is also good for the environment!

3. Give Back to Buffalo's Community

  • Not only does supporting local business keep money in your local economy, but by buying local you support your community and encourage relationships among neighbors and business owners. Small businesses not only keep money in your local economy, but also give back to their community and participate in events like farmers markets, festivals and other local events that enrich your community.
Why to Support Local Business in Buffalo

Check out the Buffalo First Directory site here to find more options for shopping local businesses in Buffalo. If you are a local business owner, download this eBook for ways to get a wider audience for your Buffalo business for free!

Download our free eBook: Free Ways to Get a Wider Audience for your Buffalo  Business

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